The digitised tables and meta-data are provided by the DFG project 'Digitisation of the Statistics of the German Reich [A.F.] 1873-1883]' of the ZBW. The statistics offer a rich fund of data on the themes foreign commerce, commercial firms, population change, traffic, agriculture, and forestry as well as much more.


Seereisen Deutscher Schiffe im Jahre 1875
Format: chapter
enclosed in: Statistik der Seeschiffahrt [1875]
Volume: 21
Volume Title: Statistik der Seeschiffahrt [1875]
URN: urn:nbn:de:zbw-drsa_2105
Publisher: Verlag des Königlich Preussischen Statistischen Bureaus
Pages: 503-541
Published: 1877
Series: Die Statistik des Deutschen Reichs
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